founded in 2008

POOFY ORGANICS was founded in 2008 after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our family was determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals. With no suitable alternatives to turn to, we made it our mission to find the safest and most effective ingredients for our products.

Commercial products are often filled with harmful chemicals, additives and fragrances despite producing irreversible harmful effects on the body and the environment. Our products are safe for our world, children, pets and expectant mothers.

We are a small family-run business and proud of our accomplishments. Products are made fresh, by hand, on our premises in small batches and fragranced only with essential oils and extracts that have long been used for therapeutic properties. When we say ORGANIC, we mean it! With USDA organic certification, you can trust that you're getting the purest products possible! We focus on relaxing the body, stimulating the senses & opening the emotional & spiritual connections to manifest our needs & desires. Through these open channels, arises the opportunity for every person to be inspired in making the world a better place! Give your customers a truly organic & sustainable option and they will be back for more! We have partnered with and support BREAST CANCER ACTION which educates and empowers women by demanding transparency and accountability in pink ribbon marketing.

We promise to avoid toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan, PEGs, Triethanolamine, Oxybenzone, GMOs and other harmful chemicals! We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging and never EVER test our products on animals.

At POOFY ORGANICS, our goal is to have a minimal impact on the environment. We practice being "GREEN" by only using two kinds of packing peanuts. Either we recycle ones that we have received in packages when ordering supplies or we use ones made from cornstarch. The ones made from cornstarch decompose in water leaving no toxic waste. The peanuts are static-free and made from organic starch. In addition, using organic ingredients is "green" within itself. That means we're keeping pesticides, herbicides and GMOs out of our environment. We do not carry samples. Offering only larger product sizes reduces plastic consumption.

This company revolves around family! It was named after my daughter Mariah who we call POOFY and our BABY POOF line was created for my son Nicolas.

Thankfully surviving cancer, my mother Nella Gagliardi is my partner in this wild ride. My father Mauro recently joined us and we are certainly keeping him quite busy during his retirement! My husband is ever-supportive of the venture. Even the ladies who work with us are not regarded as employees and every day is a journey at our store in Rutherford, NJ.